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The performance of any business is directly related to the success of each employee. Enterprise Pursuits increases employee performance through proper organizational change management and education, positively impacting company profits. Get an advantage over competitors with a solution tailored to your organizational needs today!

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Profitable Change Management

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Enterprise Pursuits offers strategic consulting services designed to add value by meeting individual business needs and ensuring success. Our firm strives to create solutions based on research-driven methodologies that guarantee results.


We provide gap analyses that deconstruct your organizational culture and business objectives to customize a solution that meets your individual needs. Then, the gap is reduced with customized business solutions that increase productivity.

Organizational Change Management

We provide innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technology to successfully implement change and adoption. We also ensure that sustained knowledge is met to increase end-user performance over time.


Our highly skilled consultants develop innovative, data-driven solutions, such as educational materials emphasizing the company's brand while engaging the learner. Every product delivered is backed by proven research-driven techniques.


Let us train your team. We work with leadership to pinpoint training needs and develop workshop solutions for your team. These hands-on learning experiences are fun for everyone while improving user knowledge. In-person training will elevate and increase end-user understanding and adoption, ensuring the desired business outcomes are met.

Data Driven Results

Our team specializes in data-driven solutions that produce results. We develop customized solutions according to your data points and then monitor that data to ensure behavior shifts to the desired outcome. Data monitoring allows us to drill down to ensure our solutions provide the expected outcomes over time.


Enterprise Pursuits will help you grow professionally in understanding learning and development needs for your company. We mentor and support leaders who want to implement effective change management and learning solutions for their organizations. Our sustainment program ensures long-term success and adoption after the project is complete.

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