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Enterprise Pursuits produces personalized solutions that revamp tedious change initiatives into refined, comprehensive, highly effective adoption programs that deliver meaningful change. Every company deserves the chance to succeed!  

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Enterprise Pursuits offers strategic consulting services designed to impact individual business goals ensuring success. Our firm strives to create learning products based on empirical peer-reviewed research that guarantee results. 


Our business transformation consulting team draws from decades of experience and expertise working with multiple business sectors to ensure our solutions effectively meet organizational needs.

Our OCM Consultants will work with you to perform a needs analysis and then offer a solution to increase adoption while reducing resistance.

Enterprise Pursuits provides value-added solutions to your organization. After completing the initial change project, we will assign a team member to support, mentor, and coach your team to ensure long-term success through our sustainment program.

One of our team members will work with your leadership to identify and build a personalized training solution that will be implemented through on-site training. Personal interactions often increase learning retention, making them a better option than online training, which is frequently touted as the best solution.

Our Instructional Designers hold advanced degrees in education and learning theory to ensure our products are based on proven research-driven methodologies.

Our team of Instructional Technologists has a strong understanding of design theory, ensuring aesthetically pleasing, modern, and innovative eLearning products.

Enterprise Pursuits will provide you with space in our LMS to gather your leaner data, and we will automate monthly reports. 

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