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Welcome to Enterprise Pursuits

At Enterprise Pursuits, we focus on providing unique solutions, improving employee performance, and increasing business revenue and profits. Let’s set some goals for your company and then crush those goals together!  

Who Are We

Enterprise Pursuits is a management consulting firm focused primarily on organizational change management and educational solutions. We use data-driven research and proven methodologies to focus on the people side of change, ensuring seamless change initiatives that utilize proper communications and education to ensure end-users excel.

Our Mission

Enterprise Pursuits works with businesses to implement change in a way that produces positive results for our clients’ bottom lines. Our focus is ensuring clients have all the tools to successfully navigate change initiatives by reducing end-user resistance and increasing adoption. Our research-driven approach ensures lasting and effective transformations.

What We Do

Enterprise Pursuits assesses the organizational culture to determine a differentiated plan of action to meet your needs. Our tailored solutions will be adapted to the organization, ensuring a successful change project. Our consultants have decades of experience incorporating change and educational solutions, providing the expertise to successfully navigate even the most challenging project.

Our history

Enterprise Pursuits consult corporations that need more resources to staff a full-time organizational change management and educational professional department yet want an advantage over their competition. Our humble beginnings started in a small office inside our founder’s home in Dunedin, Florida, before expanding internationally. Our mission is to treat every client fairly and provide excellent customer service, building a team that works flawlessly together. By integrating ourselves into the business culture, we can understand the organizational needs and goals to ensure your success. Using proven research to build practical solutions that garner excellent results sets us apart from other firms. Our team uses cutting-edge technology to pinpoint successes and areas of improvement. Unlike many competitors, this strict adherence to proven methodologies sets us above and beyond the competition. During the analysis phase, we find the proper solutions to produce real-world business results, and our answer is always effective at accomplishing the desired business outcome.

Our process



Define the individualized solution that will meet your organizational culture and needs. Establish the objectives that will help end-users meet the overarching business goal. Identify learners’ existing knowledge and skill sets, determine proper training to increase adoption, and develop a communication outline that walks the employees through the change initiative, cumulating it into a needs analysis for future improvements. 



Determine the communication plan, learning strategy, delivery methods, structure, duration, assessment, feedback, and data points most applicable to the situation. Ensure all methods are beholden to research-driven theory. Deliver an OCM plan that outlines the process from inception to go-live.  



After receiving feedback on the delivered solution, an iterative phase occurs. The product is revamped in this phase to ensure that all stakeholders and executive sponsors approve the solution. After final approval, the solution is started.  



The communications, training, eLearning, courses, videos, quick reference guides, services, and other assets are developed. Our consultants’ careful consideration will ensure that each asset coheres with the overarching organizational culture. As the development phase progresses, iteration pauses will be built to provide the desired outcome, achieved through executive approval. Our consultant will then implement the solution.



Our consultant will guide the organization through the implementation process to ensure assets are delivered within the agreed-upon time frame. Tracking and reporting data will be set up to capture the solution’s effectiveness. This data will be used to reiterate the assets, and reports will be delivered to the executive sponsor.



Sustainment will consist of collecting data through surveys and interviews to pinpoint areas of improvement as change occurs and after the go-live. After evaluation and discussions, selected assets are improved, and the solution is relaunched. After the go-live, the consultant will have monthly check-ins to suggest any updates or assets that need attention that are explicitly related to the change project contracted. Each organization determines the best sustainment plan for its needs.

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